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Loveable brands are built on powerful insights and stories, one
human connection at a time. That’s where TMI Brand Lab excels.

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A brand your customers can love and engage with – not just tolerate or transact with – is one of the most powerful advantages any business can have. And it matters now more than ever.

We live in an audience-centric era. If your audience thinks you don’t “get them,” they’ll find somebody who does. Earning attention, let alone affection, in a noisy world starts with a strong, recognizable, authentic brand.

Building a brand identity has always required strategic clarity. But today, great branding requires an unwavering focus on fostering authentic connections – making humans your north star as you navigate changing touchpoints, platforms, and trends.

TMI Brand Lab is built to deliver. Our branding practice brings together a cross-disciplinary team of experts in strategy, design, and

copywriting, with the agility, acuity, and human focus to give you a strong start to building a great brand.

Logos + Visual Identity

TMI Brand Lab develops stunning branding that’s
strategically on point, and refined down to the last detail.

Most people don’t need to think much about logos or the visual aspects of branding. That’s precisely what makes them so powerful. 

The most recognizable company logos—and brand identities generally—can evoke a chain of associations and emotions in only a moment. But creating these instant brand associations involves a lot of work for a lot of people.

Think of a favorite brand, and it’s a safe bet that every color, every typeface, every shape, and every line of the branding has been sweated over by

both branding agency and client.

Brands do this because they know impressions count—whether you’re a multi-billion dollar colossus or scrappy startup. They understand that brands win by presenting as relevant, trusted, and memorable (and then following through on that presentation).

At TMI Brand Lab, our design heritage, especially in logo design, runs deep. We’re strategists, creators, experimenters, and collaborators. When you work with us, we paint the big strategic picture of how to reach your target audience with exceptional branding, and then pursue the details with a down-to-the-pixel obsession.

Naming + Taglines

What’s in a name? For TMI Brand Lab, the answer is
strategy, thought, inspiration, and a lot of loving care.  

Sometimes, the perfect name or tagline comes to you in the shower and the whole company embraces it immediately. We’re here for all the other times. 

If you’ve ever chosen (or argued about) a baby name, you’ll know it’s one of the most personal, subjective, and yet consequential decisions you’ll ever make. A brand naming exercise may not be the same as naming a baby, but it’s still your baby.

It’s easy to reject names or taglines that feel wrong. The real challenge on any naming or tagline project is committing to a name or phrase with confidence, and bringing key stakeholders along with you (come to think of it, this is also true of naming babies).

At TMI Brand Lab, our job is to help you find the name that feels right, and help stakeholders feel right about it. Combining verbal agility and strategic acuity, we take a rigorous approach to staking out naming and tagline territories. That helps us stimulate well-directed creativity, and helps you build a case for your new branding. 

Brand Collateral

The strategy is set, and your brand’s identity is formed.
Now it’s time to bring your brand to life

Once you’ve created an amazing brand, developing equally amazing brand collateral is a must. But it pays to do so strategically. 

Finding a brand identity is a highly conceptual exercise. There are names and brand stories and visual identities and logos and design elements. But once all the issues are settled and the brand is built out, someone needs to order the new business cards.

Of course, business cards are only the start. A new brand can require everything from new marketing collateral and print materials, to redesigned packaging, to a new sign above the office door. Visually, it’s a time of transformative change—and an opportunity to find new touchpoints with consumers and employees where your new brand can make an impact.

TMI Brand Lab handles branding end-to-end, from big idea to bold execution. We bring spectacular design skills to the task, but also a strategic eye for where branding can make a good experience great.